An art project transforming bus stops into pop up art galleries.


In August of 2016, the startup team at Vango Art, an online marketplace for selling art, met with San Francisco based artist, Elissa Patel. During their conversation, they discussed the climate of art in San Francisco given many of the galleries in the city have closed.

Artist Elissa Patel described "It’s not surprising, when asked most people would say, 'the city is filled with tech.' Well, 10 years ago, the South Bay Area is where most of the tech companies were located. Then, you had designers and millennials entering the workforce, and many didn't want to be in bland suburbia. They wanted an urban environment filled with vibrancy, oddities, the arts etc. So the companies followed the talent. The city eventually grew into imbalance. Filled with tech, but extremely expensive for the artist community. As a result, a lot of artists have left San Francisco. The irony, however, is the homogeneous nature left behind is opposite to why people initially wanted to move to the city"

Ethan Appleby, CEO at Vango Art, and Dpak Kanda, Digital Strategist, thought about alternative ways to display art. One idea they had was converting a bus stop into a pop-up art gallery. They described that Vango was a way to sell work without a physical space, but a physical space can bring a sense of community and vibrancy that is important for our city. The goal was to take the bus stop, something that you ordinarily would pass by, and turn it into something interesting.


After the initial conversation, Dpak and Elissa collaborated to create the very first exhibition...


The first exhibition took place in San Francisco at Dolores Park. The goal of this exhibition was to raise voter awareness before election day. The term TrumpStop was a play on the words Bus Stop, but also a call to Stop Trump. The art curated was a collection of Trump related work.

San Francisco based artist, Mark Harris, helped design the space. Other SF based artists Johnny Lannom, Mark Harris, Brandon Lewis, Dyanna Dimick, Deanna Fainelli, Donald Rizzo, Tristan Pollock, Becca Jones, Gary Aaagaard and Chico Coelho displayed work.






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